What types of projects do you build?

We build a large amount of projects that range from small utility programs to large websites with over thousands of pages. We generally don't limit our skills to one industry or any type of software. We can do web-based applications, desktop programs, mobile apps, server utilities, websites, or basically anything that falls into our skill set at UtopiaSoft.

What types of technology do you use to build the software?

We don't specialize in any one particular technology or platform. We have a wide range of skills that we are experienced with. See our technology page for a list of what we are great at.

How long will it take to create my app?

There are many aspects of developing an app, so it all depends on the application and its requirements. Generally, we have a 30-60 day turn-around on most typical apps. If you have a large enterprise application that you want created, it could be 3 months or more. We strive for efficiency and cost effectiveness during the development process to get your application ready as quickly as possible.

Do you provide application support after release?

Yes, we will be there with you at every step of the application development process, including support after initial release. We believe in supporting our products throughout their entire life cycle. Whether it is adding additional features, bug fixes, supporting new technology, data migration, etc - we want our products to succeed.